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Soapmaking Books 

Many of you who have been making soap for many years will remember one of the pioneering books on making soap called “Soap Naturally: Ingredients, Methods and Recipes for Natural Handmade Soap.”

Written by Patrizia Garzena and Marina Tadiello, and now long out of print, it was a marvelous overview of soap making.

Well this dynamic duo of soap making have come out with a new series of books called “The Super-Naturally Series – Making Soap Naturally.”

Introducing "The Natural Soapmaking Handbook"

The first two books in the series are “The Natural Soapmaking Handbook” and “The Natural Soapmaking Cookbook.”

The first book, “the handbook,” is subtitled “How to make soap…any way you like!” By design, this is a very humble book. No fancy cover. No photographs or illustrations. No recipes. It’s priced at about $20, and while the first glance of the book came across as dry and technical – more of a reference book than a “how to” book, when I dug into it and started reading more closely, I found that under its very modest and technical appearance is a wealth of soap making information that rivals most any other soap making text.

Review by David Fisher Soap Making Expert


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