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Our Selection of Pimented Clays provide a unique variety of colors and distinct cosmetic benefits obtained through trace minerals and vitamins.

They are composed of numerous natural color tones containing no artificial dyes or pigments, and are simply variations of the minerals and oligoelements offered by nature.

The unique characteristics are preserved during extraction and purification making them safe for cosmetics. The purification process during the decontamination, guarantees the organic properties of the product and avoiding the generation of toxic waste or contaminants. 

Clays are:

• Natural and highly stable colors
• Provides natural color for cosmetic skin products
• Enhances sensorial properties in emulsions
• Can be used as a natural dying agents in creams and masks as well as foaming and rinsing products
• Allows different applications for body, face and hair care
• Helps promote ionic cell balance
• Reduces photoaging and aging signs around the eyes
• Enhances stability of sunscreen by creating a barrier against UV rays
• It helps to promote mineral replacement (contains zinc, selenium, copper and other chemical elements)

• Removes residues (impurities, oiliness and dead skin cells)

• Causes no primary or cumulative skin irritation
• Reduces skin laxity 
• Controls sebum secretion 

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